Oftentimes, valuable information will be hidden within data, undetectable by even the most sophisticated reports. Many communities have ‘hunches’ regarding the patterns they believe lie within their data, but these patterns remain stubbornly hidden away, and their standard reporting measures do not substantiate this belief.

Clarity Human Services offers a three-part solution to this problem: Comprehensive report library, custom report development, and an embedded data visualization tool.

These solutions allow our customers to not only detect their data’s story, but also understand this story’s meaning and relevance. This in turn, means they can make data driven decisions with confidence and ease.


The Clarity Human Services Report Library provides the ability to generate reports such as monthly demography statistic, client level report, agency level report, and administrative report, as well as other federal, state, and local grant report forms. All reports are meticulously crafted to be easy to read, professional, and most importantly, present the data of interest.


Clarity Human Services integrates a Business Intelligence/Analytics suite to provide our customers with big data level analytics and report development capacity. Our Business Intelligence (BI) suite provides data integration, reporting, dashboarding, data mining, and ETL capabilities.


The Clarity Human Services Data Visualization Tool enables the end user to explore their data and clearly and efficiently present information using statistical graphics, plots, information graphics, tables, and charts that have been strategically chosen to portray the particular data at hand.

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