Clarity Human Services is the most modern and user-friendly case management software for the Mental Health sector. Our software allows Mental Health providers to focus on their clients, as opposed to spending their time wrestling with cumbersome software.

Technology should be a tool for success, not a barrier. Clarity Human Services is made for users of all levels of technology experience. It’s user-friendly and breaks the technology barrier that can hinder client care. It’s also highly customizability, enabling Mental Health providers to tailor their software in the unique ways that will help them achieve their goals.

With Clarity Human Services, Mental Health providers are equipped to meet and exceed industry challenges—through quality data collection, integrated and coordinated care, and the efficient monitoring and measurement of recovery-based outcomes.

Data Quality

Clarity Human Services intake forms are fully customizable and can accommodate infinite amount of data fields, with multiple response options to choose from (e.g. picklists, dropdown menus, etc.). Because the software is developed with HTML5/AJAX based technology, it is equipped with real-time data intake functionality, which enhances service provision (non-duplication of services, immediate documentation of expense items, etc.).

Integrated Care

Clarity Human Services has an interactive and fully customizable case management system that fosters streamlined coordinated intake, assessment and referral processes. Sophisticated sharing features ensure safe data exchange (down to the client level) between agencies, programs, and organizations.

Data-Driven Outcomes

Our treatment planning tools make it easy to track patient progress from start to finish. Meanwhile, the powerful reporting system enables quality data collection and analysis to effectively measure and visualize recovery-based outcomes. Reports are equipped with multi-­tiered drill-down capabilities. Clarity Human Services software also provides a user-accessible Report Library, stocked with reports on the client, system, and organization level. Best of all, anyone can use these tools—not just IT professionals.

Clarity Human Services