As communities evolve, so do their software needs - this is the nature of the industry.

The Clarity Human Services software is known for its customizability, and our customers enjoy the ability to manage system configuration autonomously with minimal guidance from the technical support staff. Clarity Human Services is easily customizable all the way down to the single data field - and the System Administrator can easily carry out this customization with little to no help necessary from the Clarity Human Services support staff.

Often, the largest challenge originates between the end user and their software. The customizability of Clarity Human Services breaks this barrier, offering communities endless opportunities to adapt each software aspect of service provision to meet their needs.


Agency Sharing Rights and Exceptions

  • Manage agency data sharing policies and grant 1 to 1 sharing exceptions at the agency, department, program, and end user levels.

Access Roles and Rights

  • Create and manage access roles at a granular level. This limits users to gain function to only the areas of the system that their role provides them.

User Setup and Management

  • Create new users, edit existing users, reset passwords, disable users, manage client PKI certificate, manage IP Whitelist address, manage PDF user policies, set access roles, create default profile screens, force password changes, grant additional agency access, and other additional user level management functions.


Screen Designer

  • Completely customizable, easy to use, and extremely powerful screen designer to allow for the custom creation of assessment screens and program management screens (i.e.profile, enrollment, status, exit, follow-up screens).

Field Editor

  • Simple interface allows for the creation and management of custom database fields. Text, checkbox, pick-list, number, dollar, and other additional data formats can be added.

Template Management

Program Template Management

  • Create and manage Program Templates. For example, the system can be used to manage any non-HUD programs that use completely separate Enrollment, Status, and Exit screens. These templates can be defined to provide standardized work flow.

Goal Template Management

  • Create and manage Program Goal Templates. Goals can consist of items such as “Receive Mental Health Services within 90 Days,” or “Obtain Permanent Housing within 30 Days.” The Goals Editor is highly configurable, and allows for Pass/Fail of goals to be automatically assigned to client- enrolled programs.

Clarity Human Services