Coordinated entry processes help communities prioritize assistance based on vulnerability and severity of service needs. This ensures that people who need assistance can receive it in a timely manner. This process increases and streamlines access to housing and services for households experiencing homelessness, matches appropriate levels of housing and services based on their needs, and prioritizes persons with severe service needs for the most intensive interventions.

A lack of a well-developed coordinated access system can result in severe hardships for people experiencing homelessness, especially those who meet the criteria for chronically homeless. Proper Assessment Leads to Accurate Prioritization.

The right software uses data-driven methods to measure need severity. Clarity Human Services supports Standardized Assessments, such as the VI-SPDAT, which give communities the tools they need to coordinate assessments and referrals in their community.

Assessment and Referral: Key Features


Configurable Program and Service Requirements enable communities to create a registry of all housing units, and configure the necessary eligibility requirements and accompanying services needed for accurate program/service placement.


The Clarity Human Services Reservation System offers an interface for service providers to enter vacancies and/or program availability, which is intimately connected to the Assessment and Referral Module.. With the real-time reactivity of the Reservation System, service providers can quickly and intuitively indicate when housing and programs become available.


Our robust Assessment and Referral System, which includes a Matching Engine that is driven by both General Assessments and a Standardized Assessment Tool (VI-SPDAT, is designed to prioritize clients through waitlisting functionality and features that allow for seamless accept/reject referral processes. It also enables service providers to quickly and intuitively indicate when housing and programs become available in real-time.

Assessment and Referral: Key Features

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