The practical value of a software boils down to one thing: Usability.

The concept of the user experience fuels the design and functionality of the Clarity Human Services application. We pride ourselves on offering the most simple to use, elegantly designed, intelligent, and autonomous user interface in the Human Services industry.

Essentially, Clarity Human Services is so intuitive, that after initial training, most users master its features and require little to no future instruction. Simply stated, the Clarity Human Services software is unintimidating. This increases user engagement and confidence, allowing end users to focus on client services without the hindrance of software concerns.


Clarity Human Services offers intersystem communication features (e.g. messaging, email, etc.), customizable share settings, and customizable access roles to streamline communication processes, lending to standardized operations. This also decreases task redundancy and eliminates paper processes.


Clarity Human Services has data quality assurance features, data quality/ auditing reporting capabilities, and system usability that lead to high quality data, which, in turn, results in increased funding potential and an accurate portrait on the scope of client situations from all angles.


The Clarity Human Services interface is easy to master, even for end users with only modest computer abilities. It is is equipped with interactive design and HTML/AJAX technology that enables an easy user experience, which in turn decreases resource utilization on the part of the community (e.g. system training and technical support).

Clarity Human Services