The Clarity Human Services case management software can be tailored to meet the rigorous needs of the Juvenile Justice system. Our software empowers professionals in this field to protect, maintain, rehabilitate, and care for delinquent and at-risk adolescents.

Unlike other Human Services software, Clarity Human Services is a catalyst for success, not a barrier. The unprecedented usability of Clarity Human Services gives Juvenile Justice professionals the opportunity to use a case management software serves as a conduit for achieving their goals.

With Clarity Human Services, Juvenile Justice professionals are equipped to meet and exceed industry challenges—through an intuitive and user-friendly interface, collaborative and integrated care, and secure data sharing.

User-friendly Interface

The concept of the user experience fuels the design of our software. We are proud to offer the most user-friendly, flexible, and customizable user interface available. Examples of our fully customizable usability features include: display constraints, auto-calculating data fields, drag and drop field editor/screen designer, and more.

Integrated Care

Clarity Human Services has an interactive and user-friendly case management system that fosters a streamlined coordinated intake, assessment and referral experience. Our case management system promotes cohesive interagency collaboration, ensuring individuals in the Juvenile Justice system receive the integrated care they need.

Secure Data Sharing

Secure data sharing is of absolute importance when it comes to inter-system referral communications. As such, Clarity Human Services is fully equipped to streamline communication and data sharing (down to the client level) while at the same time ensuring full data security between agencies, programs, and organizations.

Clarity Human Services