The Clarity Human Services case management software is designed for Disaster Relief Management. Our software empowers providers in this field to focus on their mission with confidence without the distractions of a cumbersome software. They can use Clarity Human Services software to immediately and efficiently tend to the needs of those affected by natural disasters through coordinated emergency efforts and proper allocation of time and resources.

Technology often acts as a barrier. Clarity Human Services solves this problem. Its flexibility and customizability enables Disaster Relief providers to use their case management software to meet their service provision goals.

With Clarity Human Services, Disaster Relief providers are equipped to meet and exceed industry challenges—through an intuitive and user-friendly interface, cohesive and integrated coordination of care, and quality real-time data collection.

User-friendly Interface

The concept of the user experience fuels the design of our software. In emergency situations, it is especially important that providers are able to focus on their clients and their needs, not their software. We are proud to offer the most user-friendly, flexible, and customizable user interface available. Examples of our fully customizable usability features include: display constraints, autocalculating data fields, drag and drop field editor/screen designer, and more.

Integrated Response

Clarity Human Services has an intuitive and customizable case management system that fosters a streamlined coordinated intake, assessment and referral experience. Our case management system promotes organized interagency collaboration, ensuring victims of natural disasters receive the immediate integrated care and support they need.

Real-Time Data

Because Clarity Human Services is developed with HTML5/AJAX based technology, it is equipped with real-time data intake functionality, which enhances service provision (non-duplication of services, accurate availability of resources, etc.). Intake forms are fully customizable and can accommodate an infinite amount of data fields, with multiple response options to choose from (e.g. picklists, dropdown menus, etc.).

Clarity Human Services