Clarity Human Services Warmly Welcomes Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance, Inc.

2 June 2015 Erica Harrison Comments Off on Clarity Human Services Warmly Welcomes Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance, Inc. News

Clarity Human Services extends a warm welcome to Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance, Inc. and its Continuum of Care.

The Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance, Inc. (CMHA) established in 1994, leads a collaborative response to homelessness that fosters long-term housing stability through prevention, quality services, education and advocacy in their community.

Among other services, they provide education and information to tenants and landlords as to their housing rights and responsibilities. They also host the Donations Clearinghouse, which provides furniture and household goods to help make a house a home.

Additional CMHA Programs & Initiatives include:

  • Elder home repair and maintenance
  • Housing assistance program
  • Housing counseling
  • Tailored services to current and future homeowners, including programs that help train, counsel and finance the purchase of a home
  • Education and workforce development program
  • Apartment-based family shelter program providing short-term housing, employment training, housing search and other educational programming and services to assist displaced families transition to self-sufficiency
  • Youth Against Homelessness – an organization focusing on education, advocacy, and community service.

Here’s why CMHA chose Clarity Human Services…

2014 HMIS Data Standard Compliance

Prior to enlisting the powerful features of Clarity Human Services, CMHA struggled with compliance with 2014 HMIS Data Standards.

CMHA now enjoy the following features that ensure compliance with the 2014 HMIS Data Standards:

  • Easily configurable programs and services to be HUD compliant
  • Federal Partner Program-Specific Data Elements regulations compliance
  • Fully compliant form templates for easy program and service configuration
  • HUD client intake forms
  • Ability to manage all aspects of Coordinated Assessment
  • Interactive and fully customizable dynamic HUD-compliant assessments
  • Standardized assessment tool creation for Coordinated Assessment

Comprehensive, real-time reporting:

CMHA also lacked comprehensive, real-time, and accurate reporting. CMHA now benefits from the powerful Clarity Human Services reporting system, which has boosted their data quality potential due to the following four key benefits:

1.Integrated Data Analysis and Visualization Tool

Using a fully integrated data analysis and visualization tool, authorized CMHA users can easily drag/drop core and/or user-defined fields into a report to create stunning charts and visualizations, including custom geo-mapping. Backend access is available to CMHA IT admins using advanced statistical packages or business intelligence tools. Their organization can also now integrate reporting tools such as Tableau. They also benefit from Looker reporting software, which has built-in calculations and highly accessible drag and drop features and query tools.

2. Targeted Reporting

CMHA now enjoys a comprehensive and customizable Report Library containing parameter-driven reports that provide high value information on their targeted function(s).

3. Comprehensive Report Library

CMHA can now generate reports highlighting a broad spectrum of information at any level in the system: Client Level Reports; Agency Level Reports; Organization-Wide Reports, and System Administrator Level Reports.

4. Secure Report Access

CMHA now has access to secure customizable sharing preferences. User access roles enable their System Administrator to control access to all reports, making certain reports available to only certain agencies and/or user access roles.

Clarity Human Services is proud to help CMHA lead the way to create a community where everyone has a home, and provide the tools and resources to obtain residential and economic stability.